A funny & short excerpt from Joanne’s memoir | Harms caused by political correctness & self censorship
Refresh your brand when economy is soft-landing; prepare for the next big wave!

February 2023

Best three Super Bowl Ads, 2023. | 10 Plus Brand will offer online courses. | Joanne Z. Tan's Memoir's Excerpt: "Mam, who passed away?"
Best 3 Super Bowl Ads 2023 to be announced Feb 12th | TikTok's Censorship and What You Can Do | Launch of GoalTegic

January 2023

Elon Musk, Prince Harry: Don't ruin your brand! - Learn from Barbara Walters about how to build a personal brand.

December 2022

Rating 6 famous American women in politics, and the winner is... | Politics and voting within families: "Us vs. The Problems" NOT "Us vs. Them” | Yes…
You CAN eat chocolate & lose weight! 10 Plus Brand launches TEP.Global

October 2022

Joanne's Memoir, excerpt 2: "NYC Red Light District 40 Years Ago" | The 4 Ds of Queen Elizabeth II's Brand | What makes superstars like Serena Williams…

August 2022

"Is a Life Complete without Another?" - a short Poem; More writings, awards.
And Joanne Tan's Summer Reading List

July 2022

Want to do your own podcast? Do you know how much work is needed, to SEO and promote your podcast?

June 2022

It's NOT just about pro-life or pro-choice. It's about the impartiality of the US Supreme Court and the integrity of Justices.